Monday, March 8, 2010

VILTE – new name and new logo

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve changed the name for my “brand” to VILTE.
VILTE was chosen as a “brand” name not just for it’s my name, but for its linguistic similarity to the word “vilt” (in Old Dutch it means “felt”) from which the Old English “felt” was actually derived. Having “felt” encoded in my name, I think it would have been a sin not to use it as a “brand” :)
My website address is also changing to and it is going for a face lift. Very soon you will see a new design and a new concept of presenting my work!
And of course – I have a new logo that has already been noticed by the editor of my favourite eco minded fashion blog ECCO*ECO Abigail Doan who was so kind to put it to ECCO*ECO side bar! Thank you, Abigail!


And one more announcement to make – I have opened my own online store at bigcartel with prices in Euros at
There won’t be many items listed for now as it’s a test, but anyway, you are very welcome to visit my store there. Payments are accepted via Paypal.
Kai kurie iš jūsų tikriausiai jau pastebėjote, jog “persikrikštijau’ į VILTE.
Ne tik dėl to, jog tai mano vardas, matyt daugiausiai dėl to, jog VILTE lingvistiškai tokia panaši į senosios olandų kalbos žodį “vilt”, kuris reiškia “veltinį” (būtent iš “vilt” ir yra kilęs angliškas “felt”).  Tad jei jau mano varde užkoduotas veltinis, matyt nuodėmė būtų jo nepanaudoti kaip pavadinimo :)
Mano tinklapio adresas taip pat keičiasi į Keisis ir jo išvaizda. Netgi visiškai netrukus.
Atsirado ir mano logotipas, kurį, kaip džiugu paminėti, pastebėjo eko mados blogo redaktorė Abigail Doan ir įtraukė į ECCO*ECO ! Ačiū, Abigail!
Na ir dar viena naujiena – atidaryta mano asmeninė parduotuvėlė tinkle Tiesa, tai daugiau eksperimentinis projektas ir pardavimui siūlomų daiktų skaičius bus nedidelis. Kainos pateiktos eurais, apmokėjimai  priimami Paypal sistema.

Growing Spring on my skin


  Fragile as the beauty can be. Tender sprouting of Spring on my skin.


Growing Spring on my skin
silk ponge, merino wool
eco dyed with plants

Friday, March 5, 2010

Workshop. Midwest Felting Symposium

If everything goes as it’s planned I will be teaching in Midwest Felting Symposium in Madison, WI (USA) this Summer – July 21-24, 2010.
I will be teaching:
working with raw wool in nuno felt
nuno felting and surface design – focus on different deapths of texture created by fabric usig several manipulation techniques
creative felt textures – bubbles, beads, craters

You can register for the classes at Midwest Felting Symposium webpage here.


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