Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cyprus workshop 2014 - registrations being accepted now

September 8-14, 2014. Cyprus. 

The search for Identity.

This is not a regular felting workshop, rather a creative journey in search of authentic identity in felting textures, forms, and using natural colours.

What are the main traits of creativity? How does creativity work for us?
Can we define self? How do we draw parallels of our characteristics of self and our creative language?
What influences authentic self expression and imitation?
What is there in the colour? What do we base our selection of colour on?

These are the theoretical questions we will try to explore together during the workshop.
During the practical part of the workshop we will explore different felt textures as a personal language, looking for possible alterations to match our authentic identities.

We will explore felt’s characteristics as lightness, heaviness, density, transparency, drape and stretch through fiber dynamics.

We will learn to make a flat body prototype pattern to be used as a reference in altering patterns and creating interesting forms. We will also analyze specific forms and their application, such as full circle, double circle, triple circle, etc and different pattern inserts.

You will then design your own wearable piece referring to all the practical and theoretical experience lived through the workshop.

We will also explore natural colours – mordanting, extracting colors, modifying them and applying colours in a creative way of mixing and matching different tones and different plants. We will practice an analytic method of natural dyeing plan and the choice of materials depending on it.

Info and registration:


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