Thursday, September 29, 2011

taught by vilte

Well…many of you asked for it. It took me quite a lot of time, but…here it is – taught by vilte



Some of my students from various countries have talked a lot how great it would be to see a set of images from various workshops held in different countries and compare what people make. I decided it would be even more interesting to see how people apply my techniques later in their own designs, that’s why I have included some of the images of felt designs by my students using the techniques taught by me. I want to thank everyone who emailed me letters with warmest wishes and words, and the links to their websites, and the photos. It takes me quite a long time to reply to everyone, so please be patient…But know, I appreciate your words and always answer you in my mind. There’s a connection, remember? :)

Enjoy my new tumblr site devoted just for the workshops I give – taught by vilte (I am sorry for not listing every workshop I gave there, but I don’t have any photos from some of them).


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