Saturday, December 28, 2013


I have been reorganizing some photo albums today, and looking through past comments. I really love to receive feedback, especially the one that consists of more than one word. It gives you a sense of how others perceive your work and you can check if you do succeed in revealing the things that you want others to see. And I am very happy when I know I am... Just a few comments from some of you that I reread today and enjoyed as catching an essence of my work. Thank you!
Amalthee Créations: women's body as a landscape ...great work of ART !!
Kristel Krynberg: Fashion with character!
Suzanne Petzold Higgs: Vilte, your work leaves me breathless or in a constant state of looking for the words that describe the intrigue, feminine mystery and ethereal beauty of your work
Fabienne Dorsman-Rey: had to come back and look at it again... ethereal quality of the angel, between Heaven and Earth
LaLa! Monde: Beautiful. My first thought went to that wonderful feeling when you're slowly waking up, still balancing between a nice dream and awakeness


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