Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Authentic Creativity and Ethics


Australian Felt magazine publishing my article on Authentic Creativity and Ethics ArtWear Publications)
With the editor's note by Wendy Bailye:
"We have a special article by Vilte on ethics and authenticity - a very timely topic. With the growth of the internet and with so many images of precious work being published, there are ever increasing concerns about people copying other peoples work and denying their own creative selves. Vilte presents us with some interesting research and questions".
Photography in the article is by me and SVETLANA BATURA* fotografija. And thank you to our beautiful models - Beata Molyte and Helman Lik.
This article is the first part - a theoretical, psychological, research approach to the matter. The second part of the article will be published in December issue with interviews with some of very well known textile artists, as well as my personal point of view.


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