Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colour and texture

Colour and texture are one of the most important characteristics of textile, as well as it is media of expression, especially in felting. Felting always creates texture, especially when wool is combined with other fibres and fabrics. It might be very subtle or very dramatic.
I always play with colour and texture in my work. As you might have noticed from my felt work, I have two tendencies - bold use of colour and rich texture or a play of overflowing colours reinforced with texture. It's like playing a musical composition on the piano with both hands. In some musical compositions one hand's part reinforces the other's part, creating one overflowing melody. And sometimes there are different parts for different hands that actually being so different in their melodies, interflow in one harmonic musical composition.

And it was really pleasant to see that writer Ekaterina Sedia has noticed and evaluated my expression in texture in her blog.


self taught artist said...

such amazing diversity of work, color, mood. just like listening to music...different instruments and rhythm. always amazed at what you create.

Vilte said...

thanks, Paula! Glad to see you stopped by.. I just realized that felting is really so similar to music - always flowing, never steady..


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