Monday, April 5, 2010

Eco dyeing. Happy Easter

Just can’t wait for the Summer when I will be collecting plants again and doing lots of solar dyeing with plants. What’s most exciting about eco dyeing with plants is that there’s always a factor of the unexpected. There are so many influences in this technique that dyeing becomes a close communication between the dyer and the nature.

I loved dyeing Easter eggs with plants this year as well.
Laukiu nesulaukiu vasaros, kuomet vėl rinksiu augalus ir užsiimsiu dažymu jais. Toks dažymo būdas matyt labiausiai žavi savo nenuspėjamumo prieskoniu. Yra be galo daug veiksnių, kurie dažymą augalais paverčia artimu dažančiojo bendravimu su Gamta…
Šias Velykas  ir mūsų margučiai buvo numarginti augalais.


renee ferguson said...

How wonderful to have bumped into your etsy & blog pages to see your amazing felt work. They are beautiful!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Lovely eggs. Eco dyeing has so many possibilities and not all of them are predictable....such is felt ... and magic.

Vilte said...

thank you, renee!
Oh yes, Joei, and we all love to play with magic... :)


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