Sunday, May 2, 2010

From scrap

I am sure that every feltmaker has bags or boxes full of scrap of felt from previous projects.  These are like caskets of treasures. There’s no doubt felt has a great potential for being a sustainable textile. One of the aspects of its sustainability is of course its raw nature – it keeps the number of textile processing steps at the minimum, involves renewable materials and eco-friendly “making”. The other aspect of felt being green is that you can use all the scrap, no matter how small it could be, until the last thread, the last fibre. You can felt it in, felt it on, sew it or even use for stuffing.

I’ve recently used some of my handmade felt scraps to create these textile cuffs by sewing felt and other fabric scraps by hand.

rust4 chimes1memory of time1

            Calligraphy in wool and rust. Chimes. Memory of time                                                    





Michelle said...

I saw them listed Yesterday,
they are smashing!!!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love your felted cuffs...they are stunning!

Vilte said...

thank you! just little playing with the scraps..I have been sorting through them lately, it seams I will have to make a huge collection of cuffs from scrap.. :))


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