Friday, July 30, 2010

Back from USland

Sitting in a plain from US to Amsterdam one of the movies I watched was “Alice in Wonderland”.  And I drew a funny parallel between what Alice was saying in the movie - “I keep on forgetting that it’s only a dream” and my short trip to US and back. It was like a blink of an eye – I keep on forgetting that it was reality and not a dream.

My thanks go to Susan McFarland who invited me to Midwest felting symposium in Madison, WI, and who made sure my stay there was exciting. To tell you the truth I was really fascinated by this energetic woman! She also runs Susan’s fiber shop that looks like a paradise to any fiber artist and if I had to spend there the whole day, I am sure my bank account was empty in a few hours, too much temptation :)


My thanks to Susan’s Teeswater sheep, especially no 29 who’s amazing fleece I took with me back to Lithuania. We used Teeswater sheep fleece in our raw wool felting class and I am sure everyone loved its soft, shiny, springy locks.


And my wonderful students at the symposium! Oh, I loved teaching! It’s such a joy to see your students in a process of creating  (not just making!)

Eugene, thank you for the flowers too!


Holly and Maryanne – for assisting and driving, Susan once again – for carding and crazy spinning tips ;)

I am sure – Midwest Felting Symposium 2012 will be a hit again!



I really appreciate the invitation from the University of Madison where I read a lecture on “Archaic felt and its tradition in Lithuania”. Thank you to all the people who attended the lecture!

Thanks to Donata who gave me raw skudde sheep fleece – probably the oldest Lithuanian breed of sheep. And all my gratitude to wonderful traditional feltmaker from Lithuania – Anelė Radvinskienė and her daughter Milda Stanevičienė who shared their movie about living felt traditions in Lithuanian villages.


Thanks to very hospitable Lithuanians living in Madison – Gediminas and Jolanta who showed me around Madison and invited me to their cozy home.


My biggest thanks also goes to my family who made this all possible! And…for the pilots for the safe flights and bringing me back home (well, there were 7 flights during this trip, so it’s worth it, yes? :) )



Didelis didelis ačiū visiems! Mano kelionė į Madisoną, WI, JAV, pilna teigiamų įspūdžių ir malonių pažinčių! Ir…man be galo patiko mokyti veltinio technikų, subtilybių tokius nuostabius mokinius, kokius turėjau Midwest Felting Symposium’e!


Sija Felt / Veltinis said...

Hello, your art is great and blog is one of my favourites. I was nominated for Kreative Blogger and had to nominate some of my favourite blogs for Kreative Blogger too (more details are on my blog). I nominated you. Hope you don’t mind it :) I’m glad to find such inspiring creators as you :)
Sija Felt
Sveiki, Vilte, tikiuosi nepriestaraujate, kad jums skiriu Kreativ Blogger. Zaviuosi Jusu darbais ir Jusu pacios energija. Sigita / Sija Felt

Renatos veltinis said...

Sveikinu! Buti mokytoju - sunkiausias darbas!

Vilte said...

Aciu, Sigita!

Renata, aciu :) mano mokiniai buvo tokie nerealus, kurybingi, motyvuoti, kad skridau kaip ant sparnu mokydama :) su tokiais mokiniais dirbant jausmas labai panasus i pacios kurybos dziaugsma :)

Feeding The Lake said...

Any chance you'll be back to the US to teach a workshop sometime soon???

Vilte said...

no plans so far. I come to teach where I am invited, but have no commitments with anyone in US right now.


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