Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the making. What is felt II

We choose a lot of things spontaneously in our lives, only later realizing the meanings of the processes. I had been a dancer for 10 years in my life and I quit dancing as I started my psychology studies. I always longed for dance and just recently realized that perhaps felt in some way has become a compensation for dancing . It’s not me who is dancing now but my hands make the wool and other fibers dance, move, entangle, interlock. If one could film this process with a macro camera, we would see a dance of these migrating fibers. Even my finished pieces have movement encoded in them, they are flowing, organic, and never static.

It’s my quote from the article that was written about me and my work in Dutch magazine about felt VILT Kontakt



Dawn of LaTouchables said...

It's obvious you are a dancer, when I see you modeling your lovely creations. I think it touches everyone who looks at your work.

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

I think your felting is an extention and evolution of your dance...from one art form to an other.

Joei Rhode Island said...

I often play music and feel the fibers dance as I work. Your work dances on the body. Loved the pictures from the Italian workshop.

HohNkE said...

I came across your work, I love how the Internet can lead you to places you need to be sometimes. I too used to do dance, competition Highland Dancing, long ago, so I understand exactly what you mean. I keep busy in many areas - dress maker, cold pressed soap maker and making sour dough breads amongst a few things.
I was interested in felting many years ago but got off track. This has inspired me big time to learn.. I have a large back of wool from a friends sheep in the shed.
I was wondering where I can learn how to do this? I live in Australia so can't make any course that you run. They would be wonderful to attend though.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! ♥

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

You know, I read this and something hit me hard. Here in vancovuier, it has done nothing but rain since November. in my closet hangs a beautiful tunic of yours, just waiting to be worn in the sunshine. Tired of waiting, last week, I pulled it on and...danced! Now I am not a dancer, but I felt the insane urge to start bending and twisting. Perhaps it's because my brain is imprinted with images of you doing this in various photographs I have of your art, but it was there... the urge to dance. So having read this, about the fibres bending and twisting and dancing in their own unique way, I come to understand the term of "wearable art" more clearly.

Vilte said...

I am just touched and amazed of all these sincere comments you left for this post. And the connection with dance! That's just incredible..Thank you!
Hohnke, if everything goes as it is planned, I will be teaching in Australia next year, so perhaps you can join :) In what part of Australia are you? There are feltmakers guilds in every part of Australia, so you could connect with them and ask more about other workshops, I am sure they will help.


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