Sunday, July 17, 2011


Whatever is your art or craft media, you will always turn to photography as the means to reflect your work to the world or even create a continuation of the thought of your work. That’s why I always considered it to be a very important aspect in one’s artistic life.

Not all of us of course have a professional photographer, professional equipment and studio, not to mention a few super models at hand to always present one’s work in the best manner. At least I don’t – just an improvised environment in an apartment, a tripod and remote control in my own hands and the same face all the time of which I really get bored and wished I had a couple of best friends – models nearby from time to time.  Anyway, on the other hand it’s sometimes the easiest option when you do everything by yourself. It’s just the maker who can really express what he meant with his work (or a real soul mate photographer who feels and sees the world the way you do and knows every corner of your soul, thus – your work too… But tell me how often do you meet such?  But… I am still dreaming of the photo shoots with some photographers I feel close to my soul and to have women I adore as my models… It’s nice to imagine).

I always regret when I don’t have enough time to picture all the work I do as I consider it to be a final act of my creation that materializes the image living in my mind. Or I’d better say – a final act that requires my own input as the very final act is the reaction of observers that the piece stimulates…





wedding dress (wool & silk)



DSC_5538   wool, silk & flax, eco dyed with vegetable plant dyes


Dawn of LaTouchables said... do a great job at realizing your work with the improvized means that you have--and your beauty, and that of your creations reflect each other.

Andrea Bustelo said...

Hermoso, delicado, técnica perfecta... I love it!!!

Lili said...

geee, what a wonderful job you're doing...

Mike or Kim Buchheit said...

omg... this is soooo lovely!!!


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