Friday, April 13, 2012

Everything it takes. A moment of now

Felt is what brings me to different places of this world. And every journey brings not just the wonders of the nature, but brings me meetings. With many different people who give you a gift of communication. And no matter if there are negative or positive energies in the relation, it’s always one of the most interesting aspects of travelling. There’s always a message, a lesson, a point for your own evolvement in any human encounter and relation.
Though I am still giving classes in Australia, I wanted to mention some little things about one of these meetings, one person in particular. And that’s Wendy Bailye – feltmaker and organizer of my workshop in Queensland. I’ve received so many gifts of communication with her that it will take lot’s of time to go through that all in my mind and heart. One of the biggest gifts she gave me was not just making business of all this relation, but making it so human, so personal, so full of attention. Because…at the end…it’s all that matters.
Wendy is the person who is capable to accept people the way they are, and give the best of her to them. It seems to be such a simple philosophy to really live, feel and experience now and make that now pleasant and good, but actually it’s a very powerful tool in one’s mind that makes a big difference. And she applies it to all the things she does during her day – if it’s learning process – make it feel good, if it’s having lunch – have pleasure doing that, make it lovely, now, not later – and just because it is your life, now, at this moment, not later, you don’t stop from life, don’t make a break because you work or because you come to learn, this is your life – now. And when you think of it, it changes so much. And it empowers the strength of human being relationship…
It wasn’t just me who was blessed with such attention of Wendy and her wonderful family, I think the students in her studio felt the same and were surrounded by her attention and care. They did feel valued and important, it was not just business as it happens in this world quite often. It was human relation that was put above everything at all.
So if you ever happen to be in Queensland and start looking for felting classes, I think that Wendy’s studio is the best place you can actually find yourself in and experience this total focus on human connection while you do your exploration of felt.
Wendy’s studio
Through Wendy I also found a lot of wisdom from the poet she shared with me – David Whyte
“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn
anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.”
― David Whyte

P.S. There were photos for this post as well, but due to extremely bad internet connection here in Tasmania, I can not upload anything now... So this post is going to be updated.


Brita said...

It sounds you have a really wonderuful time in Australia meeting very nice people. I have been twice in Australia and it's still the country of my dream not least about the wonderful people "down under". It's very far away but it is always in my heart. I'm very curious to see your pictures as I'm admire your works very much. Greetings from Switzerland -Brita-

iNd!@nA said...

she sounds like a walking blessing :)


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