Saturday, September 27, 2014

World of Wearable Art 2014

And the story behind it? I’ve heard about this competition a few years ago and was always curious to enter it. So in 2014 I decided to do it. I designed a beautiful garment of the East princess in my mind and bought some fresh water pearls for decorating it, just to finally realize that I misunderstood the conditions of the contest and had to send the pictures of the finished piece already, because I was a first year entrant, and I didn’t have another 2 months to do that, as I thought. So I had a choice – do I step back, because it was the last day to send the photos or I send just any photo of my finished pieces? I decided to send what I had – I chose the blue dress I made for ballerina and sent it. To my surprise it was accepted and I had to reproduce the dress to send it to New Zealand. Wish I could have seen my Princess of the East Wind performing on the stage, but New Zealand was just a little bit too far, but just a little bit Smile Glad to be the finalist of the contest though.


Kays Kids said...

Wonderful. Your work is amazing.

Vilte said...

thank you!


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