Thursday, September 17, 2009

The beginnings. Sheep shearing

It's always interesting to know the beginnings of everything. When holding a piece of felt, do you ever wonder how it was when it still belonged to the sheep and where that sheep came from, how it was sheared? Perhaps not. Unless you are so curious as me. I like looking at things and thinking what it was before and how it became what it became.
I remember when I first bought wool directly from sheep keeper (unprocessed wool) I was so happy he sent me photos of his sheep in the fields and himself shearing the sheep.

So last weekend I had a chance to try to shear the sheep myself in a meeting with several colleagues felters. Hands diving into thick warm oily layers of wool and the wool so beautifully seperating from the sheep. It was really interesting experience, a little touch to the beginnings of felt.

1 comment:

self taught artist said...

love it. especially that you got to participate. that first picture makes me feel satisfied!


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