Saturday, December 12, 2009

Food for the soul - marking the start of the Christmas Season

Some shots from hanging our mini exhibition "Food for the soul [Christmas]". Unfortunately I was not there, but...
We are going to prepare a virtual exhibition "Food for the soul", meantime, here is a preview of it:

This is my scarf - traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve pastry served with poppy seed milk

This is my dress - traditional Christmas Eve beverage - oat jelly

Another work by me, Vilte Kazlauskaite, - cape/hood/scarf - traditional Christmas Eve food made from wheet seeds, poppy seeds, nuts and honey

These are felt boots by Daiva Morozova - hot Christmas wine

And I am totally in love with this handbag by Ramune Toleikyte - smoke spiced herring

Another handbag by Jurgita Migoniene - traditional Christmas Eve pastry in poppy seed milk

Felt slippers by Inga Samusiene - traditional Christmas beverage - cranberry jelly

Felt collar by Aurelija Masiulionyte - Christmas bakery

Handbag by Donata Dumciuviene - freshly baked white Christmas bread

Felt slippers by Inga Samusiene - boiled potatoes served with hemp seeds and salt

Collar and accessories by Vaida Petreikiene - Christmas bread with dried fruits

Scarf and gloves by Aurelija Masiulionyte - cheese - a modern taste of Christmas

Another felt bag by Donata Dumciuviene - freshly baked black bread

Felt cape and shawl by Daiva Morozova - tangerines - its smell is in every home during Christmas Season here long ago since the times of Soviet Union


paula said...

vilte this is stunning and amazing..your work and vaida's...EVERYONE has done an amazing job. i would think they would need a security guard to protect them! they are that good! :)

GalaFilc said...

A wonderful exhibition!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Very impressive. I like the way the photographs of each element was present but the focus was on the felt. Beautiful work...I only wish I could see it in person. Thank you for the virtual visit.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love viewing pieces in an exhibition, like this one, it inspires me as an artist, and not just as a buyer. Though, it's wearable art, it also can stand alone as art--and that's something!

Jane_Bo said...

Very beautiful pieces! And great idea to associate with food.

jezek said...

I am delighted with your idea! very beautiful!


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