Friday, August 6, 2010

MAD about MADder (+concrete)

It is always interesting to look back through your work and notice some periods in your creation. Periods of fibers, objects, colors…
I’ve been mad about madder lately. Well, for at least half of past year. You can see madder color in many of my apparel items. And it was fun noticing that most of the samples I brought to my Midwest Felting Symposium classes were also dyed with madder :)






+ concrete :) I am mad about concrete now. Felt + concrete, isn’t it an especial combination?

Retrospektyviai pažvelgus į savo darbus įdomu pastebėti periodus kūryboje, kuriuose kažkada buvai. Pluoštų, formų, objektų, spalvų…
Paskutinį pusmetį pamečiau galvą dėl dažinės raudės :) Dažnai šį augalą naudojau rūbų ir aksesuarų dažymui, visgi buvo truputį juokinga pastebėti, kad rinkdamasi pavyzdžius Midwest Felting Symposium kursams, daugumą jų pasiimiau taip pat nudažytų raude.
+ betonas :) Veltinis ir betonas – labai ypatingas duetas.


GalaFilc said...

Interesting post and nice color

Abigail Thomas said...

felt and concrete are an amazing combo

Paula said...

What a beautiful work Vitel!! Congrats from Argentina! I've knew the felt process a few months ago, is pretty new here. I hope you can visit us some day and learn from you and your art that is so inspiring!

Vilte said...

thank you for all your comments!
Paula, felt is an amazing textile, I am sure you will love your journey in discovering it. I wish I had a chance to visit Argentina some day :) best wishes from Lithuania!

Terrie said...

Vilte, I can't resist to join your class in Holland in April. I just signed up. Gone through your works, all are REALLY gorgeous. I'm so excited will be seeing you soon.

Vilte said...

Terrie, glad to hear you are coming to Holland! will meet soon and have a safe trip!


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