Thursday, May 2, 2013

Layers of Natural Color and Design in Felting
with Irit Dulman and Vilte Kazlauskaite
September 9-17, 2013. Cyprus.

Botanical print and natural dyeing reconstructed in new wearable felt directions.

Exploring layers and advanced fusion of botanical print and felting.

Vilte Kazlauskaite:
- Exploring layers in felting and their characteristics, as well as possibilities of fusion
- Reconstruction of layers and introduction of other design elements
- Color language - personal colors and print as the starting point of the design
- Fiber dynamics and pattern making
- Mixing and matching the textural language of felt

Irit Dulman:
- Botanical print and natural background coloring - exploring layers in color
- Contact dyeing - possibilities of graphical, watercolor, and marbling effects
- Distortion and reconstruction of botanical prints
- Advanced felt focused exploration of botanical print in all stages of felt making


photo: collaborative work of Vilte Kazlauskaite (felt and garment design) and Irit Dulman (botanical print design)

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