Monday, June 8, 2009

Felt United - a call to participate on International Day of Felt

Last week I received an email inviting to participate in the event Felt United on the first International Day of Felt, October 3d, 2009.

Elis Vermeulen (The Netherlands) and Cynthia Reynolds (Norway) are organizing this event and are calling all felt artists around the World to participate. I said "yes" for Lithuania!

"The theme for this year will be a slice of the colour wheel, yellow through red.
People around the world will be surprised by finding yellow felt on doorsteps, orange felt birds in parks, children wearing red felt vests and husbands carrying bright felt bags to work. There will be felt in museums and felt in markets. There will be felt groups organizing open days and workshops.
...felt in trees, on cars on bicycles and on mountaintops.
This is an open call to felters around the world who have not yet heard about FeltUnited. We are asking felters everywhere to participate on October 3rd, 2009.
Display your felt - on your front door, in the park, along the road or on your car. Anywhere your heart desires... be wild! Have fun! Let the world see what you make".

Love it!
2009 spalio 3 d. – pirmoji tarptautinė veltinio diena, kurios tema – spalvos  geltona-oranžinė-raudona. Ir mes, t.y. Lietuva, dalyvaujame! :)


ingermaaike said...

I have mine ready already :-D

Vilte said...

you are fast, inger! what will you do? :)

angella said...

thanks for the info... my mind is buzzing with ideas, and ther is still the entire summer to go :)


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