Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giving and receiving of the give away

As I have posted almost a week ago there was a giveaway on Ravenhill's (Emily from Oslo) blog. A giveaway of one of my shawls - F e a t h e r s. 

And we do have a winner of the shawl today - Ms. Mary Pennington. Congratulations for her!
But I am not going to speak about what I gave away. I wanted to speak about something that I received. And I did receive a lot.
Lots of beautiful, heartwarming, motivating, magical words from all the people who visited my Etsy shop and devoted their time and attention to what I create. Feedback is what reconnects you with those who see, touch, own or dream about what you create. It means a lot to me. Thank you all!

OK, I checked out the shop and my first impression was "sensuous!" The photography does a great job not only of showing off Vilte's beautiful colors and designs, but it is very evocative of the airy caress of silk and Nuno felt. I think she has a gorgeous product and shows it off well in the shop. I wish Vilte much success in her "Felt Magic" venture. Kristin L

she has the most tender felted shawls I've ever seen! I think Salome would've loved to use them for her dance :) zsb creations

I have been to the shop and I must say, I have never seen anything like this before. I love the colour combinations and the look of those contarasting textures... no wonder there is a pic of some one wearing nothing but the shawl! Christina

..it's been like a daydream, gorgeous materials skilfully matched, and a pleasant atmosphere of lightness all around...I'm in LOVE with Vilte's shop!!! logos63

Viltes creations are for me a bit fairy, romantic, very feminine!!
She is a real felt artist, with a very own style!!

These are pieces of wearable art!!! Lunaticart

I love all her creations ! And the way she photographs them is really fabulous ! enchanting ! P8

completely dream creations, beautiful work and great imagination with her textures and designs. .. magic! the feeling of visiting something a little exotic too .. the photography is divine and very theatrical :) sigmosaics

my breath is always taken away by the beauty of the work and the photographs. whenever I go to her shop I am always transported to another reality of beauty and etherialness. It's like visiting a DREAM. the work is beautiful and inspiring. paula

There is something about the flow and textures that seem so free and organic. Heidi

The whole shop is very sensual..and..yes, sexy. :) Who can ever resist?!! NOt only the scarfs are fantastic..also the pictures and story behind them!! Alise Lake

Her shop is like art gallery - it's indeed wearable ART! JaneBo

I love Vilte's work. She creates with passion, and it shows in her beautiful shawls! Dawn, from LaTouchables

Impressions-- I like her generous use of fabric-- these are really shawls not scarves. I like the movement in her pictures and the way the fabric floats and drapes.
I also enjoy her bold use of color.

when i first saw her shop, i thought it looked very elegant and sophisticated. her shawls look like they were made for anyone who deserves to be spoiled! sarah

She has a sensual approach to art. Very pretty, and unique. Sarah

These are just some comments that were left.

Kartais duodamas gauni daug daugiau nei duodi. Gauni atgalinį ryšį, kurio kartais taip trūksta (ypač Lietuvoje ;) ) Perfrazuojant japonų posakį – vienas šiltas žodis sušildo visus 3 mėnesius…


self taught artist said...

its wonderful to see all the feedback you got, you deserve it, you are a kind gentle creative soul who brightens up the farthest corners of the world!

Jane_Bo said...

Vilte, I wish you all this feedback will turn into energy to create new beautiful shawls and cloths!

Ravenhill said...

I loved reading everyone's comments about your wonderful work! I could tell how much they were inspired by them, desired them and loved them. May you have more time soon to devote to beautifying the ladies of the world with your shawls!
~emily xx

Vilte said...

thank you! this feedback really helped for being more self assured in what i do. good motivation to create!


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